Sugar Kills!

The project I found was by a group of students who are raising awareness of the damaging effects of sugar.  One of the most impressive parts of this blog is that the students involved are only in middle school.  My high school students have a hard time understanding what is healthy vs. not and sugar usually isn’t on their radar.  Having students build something like this is a great way to build their own awareness and make others much more aware as well, especially other students.

Doing something like this in an online setting is very easily accomplished, if I have student interest.  While I think sugar is a great and much needed focus, I would put my focus on fat in fast food items.  A lot of my students stop at fast food restaurants choosing to eat what tastes good, not the healthier alternative.  I would hope this helps build awareness of the dangers in consuming excessive fat and understand how to implement moderation.  I think part of this blog could be geared to the health effects of long-term high fat intake and how to make better choices.  A blog such as this could be a great tool for other classes to use as a reference and build on throughout the year!

This is a great use of blogging and student led research to build understanding and awareness!  Definitely something I will be looking into implementing in my courses!

My #sugarkills blog post


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